Saturday, August 8, 2009

Library Sales & Space Restrictions

Today I went to my local library book know, just to look...

I spent over an hour in a room filled with books and people, funnily enough one of the only circumstances under which I can cope with a crowd. I switch off you see. Concentrate only on the hunt, for the perfect find, the bargain, the book I've always wanted to read but haven't. Some people might find this amusing, given I work in that very same library, but borrowing isn't the same as owning is it?

With my own books, I can decide on the perfect time to read any one of them. There they are lined up on my shelves at home (in a rough genre/type order), biding their time, patiently waiting for me to pick them up, open their covers and start reading.

When I announced my morning plans, my partner gave his usual response... "More books! Where on earth will we put them?" We have three 3' by 5'8" bookshelves in the downstairs office/study and I have a smaller shelf upstairs for my writing reference books. Jayden has his own 3' by 4' shelf in his room... They are all full, but as any lover of books will attest, there is always room for more.

My partner was out when I arrived home with two green shopping bags full of treasures. Jayden and I have hidden them away (in plain sight), reorganising & rearranging shelves to fit them in as inconspicuously as possible.

I think we did a good job... I guess we'll find out...

I can't help it! I LOVE books!!

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