Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Putting my best foot forward

Tonight I attended a seminar at the Victorian Writers Centre with Kirsty Wilson, publicist for TEXT. She gave us the rundown on the marketing of not just your writing but yourself. I'm the shy-retiring type (as those who know me would attest) so this part of selling your book to the publisher has always freaked me out a little fact it's always freaked me out way more than a little bit.

I've had 4 yrs of getting used to the fact that, if I successfully sell my novel, I will have to wiggle my bum (metaphorically speaking - the gospel according to John!) for the media. So that I don't look like a total nob-head when the time comes, I've been going up to strangers, usually other writers I haven't officially met yet, and introducing myself. I figure it's gonna take me 2 to 3 yrs to write this novel (hell that's a long time!) and by the time it's good to go I will have gotten past the simple introductions and be on to having sustained conversations...that's the plan anyway.

When I first met
Toni Jordan at the 2008 Melbourne Writers Festival (remember to book your tickets early!) I asked her if it had taken her long to develop her public speaking style. If she had perhaps started off shaky, then improved. She disappointed me (and apologised for it - she really is lovely) by telling me it was all her and she could talk under water. As I'm not the best swimmer, I'll settle for being able to string more than two meaningful sentences together.

I'm getting in some practice on Fri. I'm being interviewed as a result of winning the Herb Thomas Memorial Trust Award for 2009. Got the call last week. Let's hope my feet stay on the ground and don't wind up in my mouth...

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Dungeon

Today I posted this status to my facebook account - "Off to the dungeon (which is more attic than dungeon really)". The point is I'm trying (doggedly) to write every day, and though I may refer to that writing time as being off in the dungeon, or in fact "eating the elephant", the fact is I'm lucky to have a dedicated writing space.

My first was the conveniently positioned study off my bedroom, but once I began cohabitting with my lovely partner it became a shared space and didn't quite have the 'feel' to it anymore. After many years in a teenager filled double story house it is now just me, my man and my youngest. Thus a four bedroomed (plus study!) house has become a literal castle with empty spaces and echoes and all (well - maybe I exagerrated the echo bit). Of the 2 upstairs bedrooms I now have one all to myself.

Believe me. I know how lucky I am...