Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ghostly Poetry at Old Melbourne Gaol

I was pleased to be one of the many at Nathan Curnow's "Ghost Poetry Project" launch last night. Growing up in country Victoria, a good 2 hr bustrip from the big smoke, I'd never had the pleasure (unsure the word truly fits the context but it will do) of visiting the Old Melbourne Gaol. Needless to say my first visit, at night, was indeed memorable.

After Kevin Brophy officially launched the book, Nathan asked for the lights to be turned off. I took my partner's hand at this point and moved closer to him. Happily, not all the lights were dimmed, but hearing Nathan's voice moving in the dark above us as he performed some of the poetry from his book, was slightly unsettling, as was the cold of murderer's row.

The Ghost Poetry Project is the culmination of a year spent travelling to some of the most haunted locations in Australia (& off our coast). Nathan spent sleepless nights at the Old Adelaide Gaol, Junee's Monte Christo, and Port Arthur to name but three of the ten haunted sites represented, in poetry, in this volume, published by Puncher & Wattman Poetry.

"Take Heart & Courage", and buy yourself a copy today.


  1. Aren't gaols such creepy places, even when decommissioned?

  2. Hey Lisa,

    Seems there were a bunch of people there who I didn't' get to catch up with - yourself included!

    I couldn't stick around for too long though.

    Was a great launch, and yeah, great location! Looking forward to reading the book... :)

  3. I spotted you at one point Stu, but didn't get around to saying hello. I didn't stay too long either. Had to take my man out for dinner then get home to the kids... :)