Friday, July 17, 2009

The Dungeon

Today I posted this status to my facebook account - "Off to the dungeon (which is more attic than dungeon really)". The point is I'm trying (doggedly) to write every day, and though I may refer to that writing time as being off in the dungeon, or in fact "eating the elephant", the fact is I'm lucky to have a dedicated writing space.

My first was the conveniently positioned study off my bedroom, but once I began cohabitting with my lovely partner it became a shared space and didn't quite have the 'feel' to it anymore. After many years in a teenager filled double story house it is now just me, my man and my youngest. Thus a four bedroomed (plus study!) house has become a literal castle with empty spaces and echoes and all (well - maybe I exagerrated the echo bit). Of the 2 upstairs bedrooms I now have one all to myself.

Believe me. I know how lucky I am...


  1. Well if it's a dungeon Rob should be chaining you to that computer and whipping you regularly (Crack! "Write knave, write).

  2. Hi Lisa, Enjoyed reading your BloG. Trying to picture your attic-style dungeon. RU chained near the barred windows or to the torture rack?

  3. No bars, chains or torture racks - sorry. And the only person weilding that whip is me! ;)